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Pu Erh flavor Tuo Cha

Pu Erh flavor Tuo Cha

Region:Pu erh region, Yun Nan Province, China
Description:“Pu erh” has a history of more than 1700 years. The colors of its tealeaves and liquor are dark red while its taste is mellow and pure. “Pu erh” is a very special aged tea whose quality usually ameliorates with ages. The more aged it is, the more valuable it becomes. In China, one piece of forty-year old “Pu erh” is worth three thousand Canadian Dollars. Now “Pu erh” becomes more and more popular because it has been proved to contain various medical benefits such as reduction of high blood press, cholesterol, weight losing, digestion, detoxification,etc.
Preparation suggestions: 2 grams for 100ml of water at 95°C; rinsing first infusion, then infusing 3-4minutes; renewal for 5 infusions.
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    La région de Da Li dans la province du Yun Nan, Chine
    La traduction est « Tuo Cha ». Il est une sorte de thé pressé traité à partir Pu Erh comme base. Sa forme de ce thé ressemble à un bol. Les gens dans l’ancien temps pressaient le Pu Erh en différente forme pour le rendre plus facile pour le transport à cheval.

    Conseil pour la préparation : 1 boule pour 100-200ml d’eau chaude à 95 C. Infuser de 3 à 4 minutes; renouveler l’infusion 5 fois.

    This is sweat rice flavor mini black puerh cake, 4g each,about 3 years.
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